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PRACTICE: Favorite Shows by punkanimelover
PRACTICE: Favorite Shows
Did another one, just finished today actually. So more or less what title says that these are styles I worked on based on a few of my favorite cartoons/animes. Somewhat cheating on this since I mostly did busts this time. Might get around to actually doing the full style in the future, but don't expect it to be that soon though :P so yeah and random free space guy XD any other shows I should do? I'll write them down and (eventually) get to long as I know the show ^^;

Styles Used:
Gravity Falls
Avatar/Legend of Korra
Steven Universe
Invader Zim
Bob's Burgers
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

References used (c) Alex Hirsh, Mike Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, Rebecca Sugar, Jhonen Vasquez, Loren Bouchard,  and KyoAni
Character in use (c) punkanimelover
PRACTICE: General Disney by punkanimelover
PRACTICE: General Disney
Alright well I think it's about time I start uploading things again. So this one is about a month old, uploaded it on my Facebook and more or less needed to upload it here. Anyway been wanting to practice other styles of drawing besides my own so first up was Disney! Animals need improvement on for sure and same with profile but other than that I think they turned out decent. Gonna try working on more styles, that's for sure! :)

Styles used in this:
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit type
Nightmare Before Christmas Sally type (yeah yeah I know it's technically Tim Burton's style but NMBC is owned by Disney :P )
Disney Princess
Lion King lioncub
20's cartoon style (basically similar to that of the Oswald one but human)
Villainess/Maleficent type
Jungle Book Wolf
annnnd last but not least a random Heartless :P

References all (c) Disney, Tim Burton, and Tetsuya Nomura
Character in use (c) punkanimelover
Hey everyone, I know it's been a long while since my last journal update. Sorry for that, college tends to get in the way these days. Anyway, just wanted to say I'm alive and what not. Admittedly I haven't been in the best of moods for quite some time and, because it is a bit on the personal side, I'll just say that I tend to get stressed out about everything right now. But other than that, everything's been a bit steady at least for the most part. Also I'm currently studying for midterms right now, so yeah still busy. But after that I've been thinking about getting back into doing Requests and Point Commissions. So if anyone seems interested, I'll make a journal around November and have some slots open for those. Also, since I have been a bit stressed, I've been drawing an awful lot to pass the time or not think about certain things, so dunno if you guys would be interested in the sketches or drawings I've done now (especially since the last thing I've had up was just a few Anime Expo pictures). That's just all I have to say, so hope everyone else has been doing well and we'll see what November brings us.

-Punk Out
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punkanimelover's Profile Picture
Just call me Punk
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United States
Before anyone asks or is mistaken, that lovely picture
right there is done by my best friend StraywolfSeries88!
I think this is pretty bad ass >:3
So thanks so much for the picture and being awesome!

My Tumblr:
Would highly give out a fair warning that if you follow me
That I do happen to follow a lot of fandoms
Also I am somewhat open minded, so there might be things
We might agree or not agree on

Alrighty, well since I've been wanting to try this out for a while,
Gonna do Point Commissions. I'll be start off with low prices
For now, at least until I believe my artwork's improve more.
So on with the pricing:
Outline/Line Art-10:iconpointsplz:
Colored (Digital)-15:iconpointsplz:
Add more charcters-2:iconpointsplz: per person

(( I'll add pics as soon as I can))
Quick: you will need to pay first! I am only
Saying this because of how I noticed a few friends being
Ripped off when they do the commission with no pay.

Anyway, thanks to geekgirl8 for helping me out with
This! I owe you one!


I have a couple of RP accounts if you want to check them out:



Request/Art Trades/Commissions Waiting For:
:iconms-regionnaire: (Haha I don't mind waiting since you need to catch up, waifu XD)

Request/Art Trade/Commissions Need To Finish:
:icondenny-art13: (I'm trying to get it done, but not good with drawing Sega characters >.< )


:iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconrequestsonhold: :icontradesask: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconnocommissions: :iconnokiribans:

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Kinda regret not doing it sooner actually XD your art's adorable and awesome!! X)
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punkanimelover Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Student Artist
Haha no problem ^w^ asdfghjkl; oh you! ;u; your da best! 
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